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Walmar Mechanical Sales Ltd Represents the Industry’s Top Manufacturers

With over 40 years of service in plumbing and heating throughout eastern Ontario and western Quebec, Walmar Mechanical Sales Ltd has developed partnerships with some of the top manufacturers in the industry. We are proud to sell products and represent the following suppliers.

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We invite you to check out our alphabetical product list and helpful resources.

  • Commercial and security fixtures

  • Wash fountains

  • Combination lav-toilet

  • Prison fixtures

  • Showers

  • Scrub sinks

  • Shower floors and mop sinks

  • Access doors

  • Instantaneous water heaters

  • Drinking fountains

  • Hospital fixtures

  • Stainless steel drains

  • Trench drains and pipe

Offers integrated rainwater harvesting systems for businesses, institutions, industrial facilities, and agricultural applications.

  • Fire pump and booster pump systems

  • Pumps

  • Circulators

  • Tube and shell / plate heat exchangers

  • Glycol fill tanks and pumps

  • Variable speed pumping systems

  • CBVs and air separators

  • Expansion tanks

Commercial and institutional brass, faucets and accessories

  • Instantaneous, tankless water heaters

  • Used in industrial, residential and commercial applications

  • Drinking fountains

  • Refrigerated water coolers

  • Bottle filling stations

  • Sinks

G. F. Thompson Co. Ltd provides a wide range of products for the plumbing, HVAC, industrial and retail trades.

Precast poly-concrete trench drainage and forming systems

Faucets for the bath, shower and kitchen that offer a winning blend of style, quality and value. 17 faucet families for the trade only.

  • Emergency eye / face washes

  • Drench showers

  • Thermostatic mixing valves

  • Drinking fountains

  • Refrigerated water coolers

  • Bottle filling stations

Tankless water heater and other commercial / industrial valves

  • Cast P traps

  • Drains and supplies

  • Gas ball, gate and plug valves

  • Commercial and industrial valves

Commercial, institutional and residential stainless steel sinks.

  • Solvents

  • Flashings

  • Supply boxes

  • Plumbing chemicals

  • Pipe supports

  • Residential and light commercial drainage

  • Cherne® test plugs and accessories

Oceania designs and manufactures products of unparalleled quality for the residential spa environment.

  • Acrylic bath

  • Shower floor

  • Air jets bath

  • Acid waste systems

  • Polypropylene and PVDF systems

  • Neutralization and dilution tanks

Lifetime guaranteed grease interceptors 

Lifetime guaranteed oil interceptors

Quality faucets for the bath, shower and kitchen, designed and manufactured in Italy, perfect for European-inspired interiors.

  • Pressure balanced and thermostatic water mixing controls

  • Electronic sensor products

  • Commercial brass

  • Emergency tempering valves

  • Domestic tempering stations and solutions

  • Piping

  • Roof support systems

  • Terrazzo mop / service sinks and shower floors

  • Shower cabinets

  • Outdoor / indoor drinking fountains

  • Manual and electronic flushvalves

  • Faucets

  • Leeds plumbing products and accessories

  • Water safety and flow control

  • Backflow prevention

  • Water quality

  • Drainage (Ancon / Enpoco)

  • Brass and tubular

  • Chemical piping

  • Radiant heating

  • Potable PEX plumbing

  • Commercial brass and electronics

  • Ancon / Enpoco drainage products

  • Aluminum, stainless steel, ductile roof and floor drains

  • Cleanouts

  • Specialities carriers

  • Interceptors

  • Temperature and pressure instruments

  • Accessories

  • Digital thermometers and gauges

  • Special application instruments

  • Air regulators

  • Filter

  • Lubricators

  • Air dryers

  • Accessories

  • Sump sewage

  • Specialty pumps

  • Laboratory Utility Controllers

  • Mechanical & Boiler Room Protection

  • Commercial Kitchen Protection

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