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Walmar Mechanical Sales Ltd – Ottawa’s Heating & Plumbing Sales Representative

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Backing innovative products with industry expertise since 1973, Walmar Mechanical Sales Ltd has become the leading heating and plumbing sales representative in Ottawa, eastern Ontario and western Quebec. We are a trusted representative of many top manufacturers as we have provided valuable technical and marketing support to our principals for over 40 years.

We Carry the Latest Products from Manufacturers

We encourage you to browse our website, where you will find links to our many suppliers, a comprehensive, alphabetical list of our products and resources to help engineers, contractors and wholesalers with product selection and various tasks.

Plumbing & Heating Specification and Design Support

Walmar Mechanical Sales Ltd offers specification and design support to our many consultants, contractors, end users and wholesalers. We maintain local inventories of key products to support distributors and installers in your immediate product requirements.

We take pride in the degree of expertise offered by our specialists and the wide range of educational and technical services we offer. We can assist you with:

Seminars for up-and-coming tradesmen
Project specific product selections for engineers

Find the heating and plumbing products and guidance you need from Walmar Mechanical Sales Ltd.

Consult with our staff for solutions customized to your unique needs. Please note, we do not sell directly to homeowners or consumers.

We are proud to feature innovative products from the following manufacturers:

Chicago faucets
Acorn-Family of Companies
Custom Water Cooler Bottle Filler Winsupply.jpg

We are your trusted heating & plumbing distributors since 1973.

View Our Wide Range

We provide a wide range of products to fulfil all your mechanical requirements.

Brand New Plumbing & Heating Products

Discover Our Walmar Room Builder

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